Breakfast on the Go

By Jenny Hanway As a holistic nutrition coach, I work with all kinds of clients on a variety of topics. One topic my clients struggle with the most? Breakfast ideas. Everyone is busy and often running out the door with no time to enjoy a “proper” breakfast to fuel and nourish us for the busy day ahead.   I’m excited to share one of my easy-to-make breakfast recipes. … Continue reading Breakfast on the Go


3 Ways to Ease into Fall

By Crystal Higgins Getting back into the swing of things as summer transitions to fall can be exhausting. How do we gracefully enter the rush of the fall with more ease and balance? Here are three ways you can take action so you feel more grounded and inspired in the cooler months ahead. Start a routine or ritual There are things you can do every day … Continue reading 3 Ways to Ease into Fall


Brand Partnerships: Better by Association

Cassie Brown is a teacher, fitness business owner, and fitness professional in Boston. Growing up a dancer, she fell in love with the human body and discovered her passion for the positive physical and emotional impact movement has on people. While I’m an expert when it comes to fitness, I’m also incredibly passionate about nutrition, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. That’s why the Cassie B. Strong brand slogan … Continue reading Brand Partnerships: Better by Association


Building Your Fitness Brand in a New City

Amanda has over a decade of experience teaching fitness and spin classes in New York City. She recently re-located to San Francisco and is faced with a common challenge of building her personal brand in a new market.  Earlier this summer I made the cross-country move from New York City to San Francisco. After nine years in a very familiar city, I was entering into a … Continue reading Building Your Fitness Brand in a New City


4 Ways to Own Your #fitspo on Social Media

Kelli Fierras is a powerhouse in the health and fitness space. She holds a Masters in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and is a National Association of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. Not impressed yet? She ran Division 1 track and field and cross country at La Salle University and she’s currently the lead fitness instructor at MyStryde, Boston’s first running studio. With over three … Continue reading 4 Ways to Own Your #fitspo on Social Media


The Rogue Yogi’s Top 3 Tips for Self-Care

Julie Tran is a yoga instructor, fitness professional, business owner, and the creator of The Rogue Yogi, an alternative yoga and lifestyle brand for the modern urbanite. She has taught yoga in LA and the San Francisco Bay Area in addition to co-producing Deep House Yoga. I found yoga through a chance conversation with a former co­worker. Long ago when I sat behind a desk, she’d come … Continue reading The Rogue Yogi’s Top 3 Tips for Self-Care

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Year 1: 5 Things I’ve Learned as a Fitness Business Owner

Alex Ho knows a thing or two about launching and running his own fitness business. It’s been a year (!!) since he launched Revision Athletics – an outdoor group and personal training business that also offers run coaching (where he’s also a pro – he crushes 100 miles races). He’s come out the other side of the past year with an increase in both mileage and wisdom. Here’s … Continue reading Year 1: 5 Things I’ve Learned as a Fitness Business Owner