My Morning Ritual: Jenna Stevens


The morning routine.

We’ve all got ’em. And they’re all unique.

Do you rise before the sun to go sweat? Take some minutes for mindful meditation? Beeline to the kitchen for coffee and breakfast? Start checking e-mails right away?

Feel like you need some motivation or inspiration? We’re bringing you morning routines from some of our MoveWith Teachers – the rituals and habits they do first thing in the morning that sets them up for the day ahead.


Jenna Stevens and Ryan Braastad are the founders of Project Drop – a fitness project started in San Francisco crafted to inspire wellness and motivate you to reach your goals. Each class is a high-intensity bodyweight fitness project focused on mastering the best physical mechanics in the business. It’s crafted to inspire healthy movement and competition from agility, speed, endurance, and strength training.

So how do Jenna and Ryan start their mornings?

Usually I’ll wake up around 5:30am, make a coffee in the Nespresso and add almond milk and goat whey and head to 6:00am yoga. If not yoga, I’ll try to go for a run or do the stairs up to Coit Tower. Even if I wake up tired, it’s amazing how much better I feel after getting my breath going and heart rate up!

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When I come home I try to meditate for 10 minutes. Ryan likes to do a little sound healing and watering of our plants. He also loves a good foam roll in the morning.



Then I walk about 30 minutes to work – I love starting my day with some fresh air to take in the beauty and energy of the city before being inside all day. For me, doing something active in the morning keeps my mind sharp throughout the day. Plus, it’s easier to make other plans and blow off your planned workout if it’s scheduled for after work. 


Mornings go by quickly and it’s very easy to start your day rushed and overwhelmed with all of your to-do’s for the day, but I have found that taking a moment to be present and start slow with a little sweat helps keep me balanced.


Also, I try to avoid all media in the morning… hard to do but very beneficial!



Follow Jenna on MoveWith to get inspired, get outside, and reach your goals.


Move It Along: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?


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