My Morning Ritual: Stephanie Ring

Mornings look different for everyone. As part of our My Morning Ritual series, we’re bringing you the morning routines of fitness and nutrition pros from our teaching community to give you a sneak peek into how they start their day.

Stephanie Ring is the founder of Endure Yoga – yoga for improved athletic performance. She provides high level training (and insane passion) in both yoga and functional fitness – and trains, coaches, and weaves the graceful movement of yoga with power and endurance sport.


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.30.35 PM


What’s the key to my practice?

‘Strength through breath.’ That’s how I coach both my strength and yoga classes.  And this philosophy translates to strength on the mat, in the gym, and to strength to pursue greatness in everything we do. That’s how I coach ‘power lifters’ and ‘flexible yogis’ to find the yin to their yang.

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So how does Steph start each day?

I get up early, like 5:30am early, even on days when I don’t have to be up early. It just happens.

Then I make a full pot of coffee for the house. As the coffee brews I start making my breakfast which consists of 3 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon and either fruit or vegetables. My goal is to get enough protein, carbs and fat to get my day started right.
Related: 7 High Protein Breakfast IdeasWhile I’m eating breakfast I check The Huffington Post for the news of the day, just to stay updated on current events.

Then, the fun begins…I skim over my day to see what I have going on: how may classes/privates I am teaching, what articles I need to write or finish writing, what workout I’m going to do and how long I have to do it.
And that’s just the beginning. My days usually last 14 hours, so when I get up in the morning, I try to plan to make the most of my time.


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.16.09 AM


Follow Stephanie to find your strength through breath and make sure you check out her weekend workshop on inversions.

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