My Morning Ritual: Peter Walters

My Morning Ritual is a weekly series that follows how a MoveWith teacher starts their day (spoiler alert: they make their beds!).

Peter Walters is a San Francisco yoga teacher who teaches a flow that is playful, soulful, vigorous, mindful, and present.

More than anything I hope that the people who join me to practice leave more calm, centered, and maybe a bit more happy than when they began. That’s enough. A bit of mindful breath and respite from the hectic outside (and inside) world is often the best thing we can offer ourselves- physically, mentally, and spiritually.


What Happens First Thing?

My daily practice begins as soon as I wake up, usually naturally and before my alarm starts yelling at me to get out of that cozy, warm bed. I start with a really slow, deep breath with my eyes still closed, welcoming myself to this new day – this fresh experience to begin it all again with the same mindful intention I aspire to bring to each moment of my waking life. 

Next, admittedly, I poke around on my phone with one eye closed social media, news, messages, and emails from the night before for just a few minutes before getting out of bed.

Then – and this is important and something I started doing a few months ago: I make my bed!

Crazy right? It’s so simple, and I don’t go crazy tucking sheets or anything, I just pull the comforter over, place the pillows and let it be. I do this not because I care how my bed looks, but I like to start my day off with a very active and deliberate decision. It starts my mind off in the right space to continue to make deliberate, conscious decisions as I begin dancing through my day. 

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After that, I go to my little sacred space, set up my meditation cushion, wrap myself in a blanket, and sit quietly for anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour. 

And if my roommate is gone, I play my harmonium and sing at the top of my lungs. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I promise you’ll hear me. This seated meditation and chanting is one of the most healing parts of my day. It sets the tone for calm, mindful, loving and deliberate thoughts and actions. 


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Anyway, from here, I shower, throw on some clothes, hop on my motorcycle and cruise off to my first yoga class of the day, either at 6am or 9am. 

Catch Peter’s classes throughout San Francisco, check your to-do list at the door, take a deep breath and flow. 


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