Yoga Reaches Out

Yoga Reaches Out is coming to the Bay Area and New England, and each event promises to be an amazing day of yoga, community, music and giving back to a very worthwhile cause.

Curious? We did the legwork to answer all of your questions.

What Exactly Is Yoga Reaches Out?

The mission of Yoga Reaches Out is to bring the community together to raise funds for organizations that impact the health, education and well-being of children.

Yoga Reached Out is a community that stemmed from founder Sarah Gardner’s passion for both yoga and giving back to help children. After having her own children, she wanted to make a difference in the world and help others. She brought the idea to the yoga community and was immediately embraced. YRO was started in Boston in 2010 and is about bringing people together to feel empowered to make a difference in the world.

How Was It Started?

Sarah Gardner has a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Health and Fitness. For years she ran a personal training company and found her yoga practice after her children were born. After her son was born prematurely and spent time in the NICU, Sarah was so grateful to come out of the experience with a healthy baby that she realized she wanted to say “thank you” to this world and those that help others. Through her yoga practice she saw an incredible opportunity to give and to create something to make a difference in the world.

Sarah shared her idea for YRO with the yoga community and they embraced it with grace and enthusiasm: “It was the realization of getting to create something to do what we love but give back at the same time. A win-win.”

What Can Attendees Expect From The Day?


The event starts in the morning with five Bay Area teachers coming together to teach a two-hour class. They’ve worked together to put sequences and choreography together and will teach one after another. After a midday lunch break (and some time to browse the marketplace and vendors!) renowned yogi Chelsey Korus will teach an afternoon class to a live performance by Kevin Paris. The day concludes with a final concert by Susanna Spring.

Not to worry – YRO isn’t a “yogathon” and isn’t intimidating – come to your mat when you want to, and leave the mat when you need a break.

What Charities Does YRO Benefit?

Children’s charities – focusing on education, well-being and health.

Over the past 5 years, YRO has raised over $1M for the Boston Children’s Hospital alone. In the Bay Area, proceeds will go towards the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. Overall YRO has raised over $2M towards children’s charities.

Yoga Reaches Out 2015 Yogathon-Yogis For Social Media-0242


Where/When is YRO Held?

Bay Area – March 6, 2016

New England – May 1, 2016

Connecticut – October 15, 2016

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