DEEPSØNØS + Sound Meditation

Coming to the Bay Area on Friday, March 11 is Move Into Love – a two-hour workshop centered around an asana practice led by Autumn Feldmeier which flows into an hour of HÄANA’s DEEPSØNØS, a profound live sound meditation, which will bring fire, healing and awareness around your heart center.

Not familiar with Sound Meditation? You will be.

What is Sound Meditation?

Sound Meditation provides a sound backdrop to allow you to relax into the natural flow of an effortless meditation experience, enhance your creativity, and allow for a space of calm and respite in your perhaps very full life.


How Does It Work?

The DEEPSØNØS workshop format I present (and will be experienced at the Move Into Love event) starts with verbal guidance, breath work, visualization, and grounding. And then I start the meditation portion, going to my palette of sounds and “paint” a really beautiful journey.

I use intuition and my deep knowledge of the healing properties of music to craft unique “sound journeys” – I utilize violin, vocals, synths, and a laptop to pull from nature sounds I record during my travels, and beats. I craft this on the fly and compose on the spot.

Tell Us About Your Background

I’m classically trained in the violin and come from a very musical family. I’ve always been incredibly fascinated by Eastern European and Middle Eastern music.

After studying at the New England Conservatory exploring composition and then at Electronic Music Production school Dubspot in New York, I started collaborating with Aarona Ganesan, NYC-based yoga teacher and dear friend who developed Yoga Soundscape, accompanying her yoga classes and creating a live cinematic soundtrack to match the yoga flow.


How Did This Lead to DEEPSØNØS?

I started to really witness the healing benefits of sound with yoga, with movement. I would experiment and be able to perfectly match the flow to the rhythm, teacher and energy of the class. I could see how a yoga practice would be enhanced to a live cinematic soundtrack.

I toured with Wanderlust Yoga Festivals and started to do sonic meditation hikes – it was through this that I saw how dropping into nature, bringing people to these beautiful places and guiding them through visualizations, centering, grounding and breath could transform an experience.

DEEPSØNØS emerged during a live event – I was able to create that full meditation soundscape combining the yoga background and the meditation background into one.

My approach is easeful, simple and effortless – I want to let the music guide the deep experience.

What is your MoveWith word?


On a career path change, I went to Iceland with Yogascapes as the official photographer on a yoga retreat. I spent a week after that exploring and writing/composing music, and that trip reminded me to “be ever open to the journey and to live boldly and fearlessly.”

What Impact Do You Hope To Have On Movers Through Sound Meditation?

I hope they find a greater connection to self, a calmer state of mind and an ability to tap into their truest potential.

What Are You Most Excited About With Move Into Love?

The cool thing about this two-hour workshop is it’s the first time I’m teaming up DEEPSØNØS with a yoga asana flow focused around heart-centered movements and opening of the heart chakra. Autumn Feldmeier will be preparing everyone through this graceful, beautiful yoga flow to drop really deep into this DEEPSØNØS experience.

I’m so excited for the venue too – Harmonia, which is a gorgeous space and once home to one of the most famous recording studios in the world. Seems like a perfect fit for “Move Into Love”.

What Can We Expect at Move Into Love?

Autumn has a great sense for bringing all the moving pieces together in a very useful way. Expect a lot of heart opening and a lot of beautiful frequencies. We’ll bring the bodies to a state where the meditation will be easier than you ever thought possible.

Want to experience DEEPSØNØS at Move Into Love for yourself? Sign up here!

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