Making Moves

Moving day was swiftly approaching which meant one… okay, it meant several things.  

I was going to be a San Franciscan!

A city slicker – a real and authentic Patagonia-wearing, Four Barrel Coffee-drinking, Muni-riding, tech startup-working female. Hear me roar!

It also meant that I could finally fill my weekly workout schedule with MoveWith classes.

I’d been waiting for this.

No more Caltrain commuting from Palo Alto for me – instead I was going to fill that time discovering new ways to sweat with my favorite fitness teachers.  

Nevermind the boxes or chaos that had engulfed our 550 square foot apartment. My essentials (aka workout clothes) were accessible, so I decided to dive in head first and schedule a MoveWith class for each day of my first week in San Francisco.

Here’s a recap of my experience.

Monday: Foundational Endurance with Alex Ho


Just because it’s Presidents’ Day does not mean that:

1) You have the day off.

2) You should deviate from your routine of a strong, sweaty start to the week.

I was particularly excited to be joining Alex’s class because I had the opportunity to interview him as one of our spotlight teachers my first week on the job at MoveWith. I have so much respect for his ambition and entrepreneurial spirit – he has made his dream a reality by starting Revision Athletics. Alex is dedicated to waking up early to coach and lives out his mission of raising the standards of fitness on a daily basis.

We started class by dynamically warming up the essential parts of the body like hip flexors, ankles, and shoulders. Suddenly I was in back in high school track and field when I actually took the time to properly warm up before using my body. <Mind blown>

This class was a balanced combination of sprints along Aquatic Park, lunges, box jumps on the stairs, core work, and hamstring zingers (yes, that is a technical term). What I loved most about Alex’s class is that he uses bodyweight exercises which, when done properly, create exactly the kind of foundation that every athlete can benefit from.

Tuesday: Morning Unwind with Ryann Summers


They say the early bird gets the worm. Well, I say that Ryann Summers’s morning yoga class is the biggest, juiciest, most vitamin and nutrient packed worm you can get on a Tuesday morning.

Bonus: It takes place at RAE Studios right on your way to work in the Financial District. It’s not a sweaty yoga class, but rather a mindful, opening class that gets your body in proper alignment. Taking the time to move and stretch is a must before sitting at your desk or in meetings all day. Seriously, just trust me and try it.

Ryann isn’t your everyday vinyasa flow yogi. She believes in listening to your body, attention to alignment, and mindful adjustments. She wants us to be curious about the patterns of tension our bodies hold and the way that mindful movement and breath help to unwind them.

Her Morning Unwind series has come to an end, but she’s already thinking about what to offer next. Be sure to follow her so you’re the first to know when she’s teaching again.

Wednesday: Train from the Trails with Liz Gill


When I rolled into the Baker Beach parking lot at 6:55am I was greeted by Liz Gill and group of seven runners – in shorts and tank tops!

Two things were pleasantly surprising about this:

1) It was early February and we were exercising at 7am next to the ocean in summer attire.

2) Even though Liz started offering this class just six weeks before, she had already built up a real community of regulars.

It was a fantastically mixed group of athletes with ages ranging from 20-60: a few who don’t consider themselves “runners” but just like getting their heart rate up in the great outdoors, and then a few more seasoned runners. Regardless of your skill level, it’s a fantastic way to spend an hour.

This is one of those classes that doesn’t feel like an ordinary morning workout; it feels like a natural way to start the day and a genuine experience. We started out with a 25-minute run along the Batteries to Bluffs Trail incorporating the Bunker stairs – what a killer! We finished off on the sand, challenging our coordination on the agility ladder and testing our endurance on the Sand Ladder. I can’t think of a better way to start the day!

Thursday: Pop Jam with Jessica Rae


I still never know what to wear to a dance class because, well, I’m not a dancer. But, my girl Courtney over at Lululemon convinced me to goand I couldn’t say no. She also brought her Lululemon crew, which really brings to life the idea of social sweat.

Jessica Rae, our teacher and also the owner of RAE, is a force to be reckoned with. We realized this right from the beginning when she greeted us by cranking up the music to a ten, letting out some “hip!” calls to the beat of the music and enthusiastically jumping around the room, motioning for us to join her.

Note to self: I could use a lot more warm up dance parties in my life.

We learned the choreography to the classic Pussycat Dolls song ‘Buttons’. I know you’re probably wondering if I went straight home, turned on this song and danced for my fiancee. I’ll let you mull that over.

If you are looking for energy, sweat and community you’ll be happy to know that RAE studios is partnering with MoveWith and offering several classes tailored to you around the clock. Check it OUT!

Friday: Recovery Run in Golden Gate Park

After a full week of workouts, not to mention adjusting to my new digs, it was time for some reflection and recovery.

Conveniently, the Panhandle is only steps from my new home.

Thanks MoveWith teachers for an incredible week of fitness!

In addition to being the Operations and Community Manager for MoveWith San Francisco, Kelly Campbell is an instructor at Flywheel Sports.

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