Why I Move: Mackenzie Cane

Mackenzie Cane is a runner, a triathlete, and a Bay Area native who is constantly on the move. One of her favorite ways to move is with Liz Gill at Train for the Trails each Wednesday at 7am at Baker Beach.


Tell us about yourself.

I work in the environmental space (for the Sierra Club) and I’m personally and professionally very invested in the environment. I like to be outside as much as possible – no treadmills for me!

I’m originally from the Bay Area, in Marin County.  I come from a family of athletes – my mom was a really big runner, she did the New York City Marathon five times – she’s my biggest inspiration in forms of moving.

I’m someone who loves to move.

How do you like to move?

Running is my #1. I also love triathlons – I was was on the tri team at UCSB – so I have a love for swimming, biking and running. Lately I’ve been getting really into mountain biking and skiing.

Running is so meditative to me so that’s my main way to move. It’s great for an endorphin boost, fitness, and also clears your mind and helps with your stress. It’s really just magical. Until you do it, you don’t know. You’ve got to experience it.

How did you discover Liz as a teacher?

Liz has been a friend of mine since about forever. We’ve stayed connected throughout life. One day she told me about this class and I instantly knew it was going to be great.

Liz is such a good athlete herself  – she has a collegiate running background, and she’s very smart. Train from the Trails is awesome. It’s equal parts challenging and fun, and Liz is such an encouraging teacher. You’re pushing your body but you’re getting positive feedback with the corrections you need. The way she teaches is so creative, too. We’ve never done the same thing twice!

What do you love about Train from the Trails?

Moving is something that is core to who I am. My coworker was actually making fun of me today, and said, “I don’t get it – Every Wednesday you’re really energetic.” It’s because of Liz’s class. I get this amazing rush and I’m on a high all day long because of it.

I’ve even started scheduling my hardest work projects on Wednesdays because I’m fired up. The reason we wake up early, the reason we push ourselves, is to get that feeling. That endorphin rush. I’ve come to depend on it like I depend on caffeine. It’s really neat to get the kind of lift. Especially from a class like Liz’s where you’re running and then doing harder full body exercises. You’re switching things up and it’s all really fast paced and crammed into one hour, which I absolutely love.


What’s your favorite part about moving with Liz?

Liz’s ability to motivate people and engage with movers is really something. Her ability to make sure everyone is included and having fun but still pushing themselves hard. I just love her aura as a teacher. I also love that it’s at the beach –  you can’t beat it.

How does her class compare with working out on your own?

That’s just it and the reason I love her class – I would never push myself that hard on my own. We tend to get into our own way and we block ourselves from being our best selves sometimes. Our mind can be such a barrier. It’s great to have a teacher who can draw that out of you: “Yes you can run up the sand ladder three times in one day. You can.”

Liz teaches us what to do. I could replicate it on my own but I actually don’t want to. I want to be part of this group of people. You feel like such a badass when you’re done, then you go into work feeling so strong just taking on the day.


What is your MoveWith word?

FUN comes to mind first. It’s so fun. You hurt but not long enough to get you down – that hurts-so-good feeling. You get through it together and that team mentality forms and is celebrated with cheers and high fives. It’s a fun atmosphere.

What’s next for you?

My first ever actual mountain bike race! I’ve been training for that while also taking Liz’s class and running. I like to take that time to do a long run on the weekend and combine them with weekday runs. I also throw some yoga in there, a chill Vinyasa class at Planet Granite for recovery.

Fun fact?

I have a massive fear or balloons popping. I will freak out.

What’s on your bucket list in terms of races?

Ironman Kona. My aunt did it and my mom did it and I feel like I just need to do it. That would be so significant for me for so many reasons.

What else?

I love MoveWith. It’s so neat to give teachers a chance to really showcase their skills and put together their own athleticism and movement and share that with people who otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to experience it. I wish Liz’s class was three times a week – it’s an amazing workout.

Liz – are you listening?

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