Teacher Spotlight: Laura Loewy

Did you know that Laura Loewy is a trained mountaineer? It’s true. Guess how she got there? Yoga and strength training. Guess how she fuels? Burritos (yoga teachers – they’re just like us!).

If you want to get on her level, start by attending her next class, Sip & Flow at Aeronaut Brewing Co. on April 2. You read correctly, that’s yoga at a brewery.

Now let’s dive in to all things Laura.

Because it’s early morning, what’s the first thing you ate today?

Egg, tomato, bacon, and avocado breakfast sandwich. I LOVE breakfast.

Us, too! What do you teach? 

I teach yoga because it gives me great joy to connect people together in a mind body experience. There is nothing more satisfying than watching people bliss out in Savasana next to other people they barely know.

Beer and yoga – epic. How did you dream that up?

I wanted to teach a yoga and beer class because I love a good craft beer, and I think there is something really satisfying about having a good cold one after a hard yoga class. It’s also a really nice way to unwind and get to know more of your students.

Which begs the question, what is your favorite drink? 

Sip of Sunshine IPA.

Right on brand. What was your path into teaching?

I explored yoga off and on starting from age fifteen, but it really never stuck until after I picked up a steady meditation practice while living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Once I started practicing yoga outside in the National Parks and going to group meditations, I could really feel people’s collective energy and I realized how powerful the practice was. When I moved back home to Boston, I enrolled in a teacher training, and the rest is history.


Who is your inspiration?

Gabrielle Bernstein has been a huge inspiration since my senior year of college. I read her book Spirit Junkie and it’s one of the big influences that changed my life and put me on a path to teaching yoga.

Do you have a favorite teacher?

Chanel Luck, who is the owner of Radiant Yoga in South Boston, is one. I also love Karma Longtin, who teaches at Karma Yoga, and Erin Motz, founder of Bad Yogi.

What is the one thing that you want movers to get out of your teaching?

I want people to take themselves less seriously, have fun with yoga, and be kind to their bodies.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you in class?

When someone fell out of their headstand, I tried to give them a high five… and they left me hanging. It was awkward.

When you get to relax, what’s on your DVR?

The Leftovers or Game of Thrones.


How do you like to move?

I like to move without thinking of anything else. I like to move and get lost in the flow. I like when classes are unpredictable, forcing you to listen and stopping you from getting lost in your head.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Both. I teach a lot of early morning classes, but I could never actually go to early morning classes. I usually can’t get to sleep anytime before 11:00.

What is your MoveWith word and why?

Courage. I think it takes courage to step on your mat and surrender to the flow of yoga.

Anything exciting coming up for you?

Yes! When I’m not teaching yoga in a studio or corporate setting, I run my own outdoor adventure yoga company called Backcountry Yoga. I bring people on overnights in the White Mountains to practice yoga. I also lead local yoga hikes in surrounding Boston forest reservations. My season officially starts April 10th.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.18.02 PM

What is your goal for 2016?

My goal is to get as many people practicing yoga in the mountains and forests as possible. Practicing outside and connecting with the earth brings a whole new perspective to your practice.

What is one piece of advice that you have for someone who is just starting to get into yoga?

Listen and breathe. Try not to look around the room and see what everyone else is doing. Just listen to the instructor’s voice. Forget about all the other people and how you look. Do what feels good. 

When it comes to music, what song is your guilty pleasure?

“Promises” by Nero; some mornings are made to be epic.

What are the five most recent songs you played?

“Bad Self Portraits” by Lake Street Drive

“Blue Eyes Blind” by ZZ Ward

“My Kingdom (William Black Remix)” by Evangeline

“Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)” by Matt Simons

“Nothing Left” by Kygo

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.16.51 PM

What’s your favorite food (last meal on earth style)?


What is your dream vacation?

Mountaineering and skiing in the Swiss Alps.

What is the best trip you’ve ever taken?

Mountaineering and backpacking in the North Cascades for thirty-one days through NOLS and then driving down the Pacific Coast Highway from Seattle to San Francisco. The Pacific coast of Oregon is magnificent.

What’s the last thing you just had to make your friends see/eat/do?

I made everyone watch a Snapchat of me doing AcroYoga with my dog.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.19.06 PM

Your dog sounds like someone I want to know. Do you have a spirit animal?

Flying squirrel. Cute, fast, and they get to fly from tree to tree, which is great. They’re grounded, but they still get to fly.

Follow Laura as she teaches and adventures all throughout Boston. There may even be some craft beer involved.


One thought on “Teacher Spotlight: Laura Loewy

  1. Absolutely fabulous display of interconnected experiences through the practice of Outdoor Yoga with the real world, in reachable locations spanning the seasons of life in New England!


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