Mover Spotlight: Josie Glausen

MoveWith Boston Ambassador Josie Glausen has deep Boston roots and a deep passion for moving with the best teachers in the city.

You can find her in multiple classes at any point in the week, but we got to dish on her favorites.


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What’s the first thing you ate this morning?

You got me on a good day because I actually had two hard boiled eggs and a mixed berry yogurt today. Yesterday I had half a can of Spaghetti-O’s. Oops.

All about balance, right? How long have you lived in Boston?
I’ve been in Boston for almost thirteen years now. I cam here from Upstate New York to attend Simmons College in the Fenway. After I graduated, I moved to Southie and I’ve been here ever since. It’s a great spot for young movers and shakers – small enough to know everyone, but within walking distance to downtown.


What do you do for work?
I’m a middle school special education teacher in Boston Public Schools. I’ve been doing this for seven years now.  Since last year, I’ve also worked with The Handle Bar – the best indoor cycling studio in Boston – with their Twitter. Find us at @The_Handle_Bar!

Tell us about your fitness journey.

I never exercised at all until the last year or so. I started going to The Handle Bar and fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve gotten a little more courageous and branched out. I now go there multiple times a week and add in MoveWith classes as well as yoga with a local company called PopUpAsana. All of the classes are a good match with the cycling and many friends circulate through them all – we do them together.

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How did you discover MoveWith?
It must have been on social media. My first two classes were Kick It™ at the Prudential with Eliza Shirazi and Power Yoga at Q Park with Aly Raymer. I loved both of those classes and key an eye out for more classes as they came out.


Any favorites?
My favorite MoveWith classes have been Emily McLaughlin’s Om, Noms, Kick It™ with Eliza Shirazi, and yoga with Meghan Rozanski. All three are kickass ladies, and if they’re on the schedule, I highly recommend checking them out!


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Your passion for MoveWith led to your being selected as an ambassador. What do you love about MoveWith?
I love that you get the opportunity to take classes from some of Boston’s best fitness folks in new and welcoming environments. Sometimes going to a gym is intimidating. Trying a class in a new space often brings out folks that might not have gone to the gym. Many times they’re new to the type of class that’s being offered. These spaces also open themselves up to a bigger community, and it allows you to enjoy yourself with the person next to you.


Is there a teacher who’s inspired you?
I really admire Emily McLaughlin – both on the mat and in her daily life.  She has a calming but extremely strong presence.  She’s the kind of person that you want to be best friends with and get your ass kicked by at the same time. She encourages you to do your best in every class.


I like her classes because they have regular yoga moves but incorporate new ones I’ve never seen before. There’s lots of core and strength work.  She’s also a healthy eater, which is something I’m trying to be but have not yet achieved.


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What is your MoveWith word?
It’s a silly one, but #SQUAD. Since I’ve started working out I’ve met some great folks, and we’re all doing this together. We try new classes, commit to schedules and have a great time together.  #squadgoals – if you’re in Boston, let’s meet and move together!


Favorite midnight snack?
I’m guessing that a Moscow Mule doesn’t count, so I’d say any type of berries that I have in the fridge. Frozen blueberries are a fave. Oh, and Utz Jalapeño chips.


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Favorite song to work out to?
Any remix of an 80s classic or boy band song.


So perfect! Where’s your bucket list travel destination?
I want to go back to Costa Rica. I’d love to go to Thailand. I want to see Alaska, and I’d love to travel along the West Coast. I haven’t been many places, so I’d go anywhere.


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