One Love Movement: Danni Pomplun

The One Love Movement is coming to San Francisco next month. Get ready for an afternoon of yoga, community and giving back with Lululemon Ambassadors Danni Pomplun, Jacqui Rowley, Martin Scott, and Susannah Freedman

OneLoveSD 071

Even better? All proceeds from this event will be donated to Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco as well as the One Love shelter in India, which is home to fifty-three kids rescued from the streets.

On the eve of departing for a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, we caught up with Danni to learn more about him and the event he worked so hard to bring to the Bay Area.

Danni the yogi. How did you get into practicing and teaching yoga?

I had a tough upbringing. When I found yoga, it was the only stable thing in my life, and I was hooked. I found a place to call home. I completely immersed myself in it. I honestly didn’t know I was going to be a teacher when I first started practicing. My teachers all knew what I was on that path before I did.

Here I am six years later – a teacher.

Who inspires you?

Jason Crandell, Martin Scott, and Darren Main. I think of them as my fairy godfathers.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

The people. The community. You can’t replicate it.

You’re changing somebody’s life. That’s really important.

Off the ma, what’s your guilty pleasure?

I love frozen yogurt. Easy Breezy and Loving Cup. All flavors. Also, I listen to Britney Spears and watch “Grey’s Anatomy.”

What is your MoveWith word?

Devotion. You’re a Spirtual Gangster; enjoy it.

One Love is happening in San Francisco on June 18. What’s the history behind the event?

The One Love Movement originally started in San Diego. A friend of mine, Kim Bauman, founded the movement after she took a humanitarian trip to Haiti. She came back moved and changed (read Kim’s full story here).

Kim knew she had to do something after seeing the kids at the orphanage there, so she started One Love and from there it just grew and grew and grew.


How did you get involved with One Love?

I just quit my twelve-year bartending job to teach yoga full time and I still want to give back. It’s so important for me to be grateful, and to give back is so meaningful. When the Super Bowl was recently held in the Bay Area, there was a lot going on with the homeless population that really bummed me out. People don’t necessarily always have opportunity. I decided to call Kim and told her I wanted to host One Love in San Francisco.

She loved the idea, so I took it by the reins… and it’s all happening.

What are you most excited for regarding One Love?

I’m most excited to see all these amazing people come together for such a great cause. No one is making a dollar off this event and that’s awesome to me. Everything is donated.


What can attendees and yogis expect throughout the day?

People can expect yoga, lots of love and a great time. We’re going to get together to celebrate an awesome cause and help others in need.

Register for One Love here and keep up with Danni by following him on MoveWith.

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