Yoga with a View

Meghan Rozanski has been dancing since she could walk, running since middle school, and social sweating all over Massachusetts and Boston (did you know that the Falmouth Road Race was the start of her family’s vacation for thirty-one years?) for as long as she can remember. She found yoga after getting sidelined from her regular running schedule.

Now? She has her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance certification and teaches both yoga and spin, marrying everything she loves about #socialsweat: high energy, focus, strength and beauty.


Adding to her list of amazing?

Meghan’s bringing her rooftop yoga back to Boston starting June 1 at 6:30pm.

Want to know more? We sure did.

What was your path into teaching?

I started practicing and meditating more when I moved to New York, so I took a job planning events for the Omega Institute. I was able to practice with some really inspiring teachers. When I moved back to Boston, I took a quick weekend training and got hired at a really sweet, small studio. I taught while working full time in public relations.

Then, one of my favorite teachers at the studio where I practiced approached me during class and said, “You should do the training here.” 

It took me a few years to bite the bullet and take on teaching as a full-time gig, but once I did it, I never looked back! Now I’m a full-time yoga and spin instructor.


Who are some teachers who have inspired you? 

My peers are some of my greatest teachers. I take class with everyone at YogaWorks and I learn something different in every single class.

Sometimes it’s a pose, a piece about anatomy, or just a cool sequence.

Sometimes it’s awesome energy and a great inspiring message. I’m lucky to work with such a kick-ass group of people. 

Why rooftop yoga? 

We live in Boston; it’s cold all the time!

When it’s nice out, we need to be outside. Rooftop yoga combines two of my favorite things: yoga and sunshine. Most of my students are inside sitting at computers all day. Even in a downpour most of them would choose to practice outside.

What is your MoveWith word?


If you could teach any class or event, what would it be? Why?

I’m teaching a 300-person class at the Harpoon Brewery which is awesome. We all do yoga, listen to live music, and then we drink beer and eat pretzels. #dreamsdocometrue


What’s your spirit animal?

I have no idea, but I hear animal and all I can think about is my Frenchie, Barlow. In my opinion, he’s the world’s best puppy. I’m obsessed with him.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.28.35 PM

What is your favorite part about teaching?

I love the preparation: sequencing, researching and putting everything to music. Then I get to see it come to life when I teach it to my students. I love having a job where I can see and feel the progress people are making in class. That’s what’s most inspiring. 

What character from Friends are you and why?

Oh God… I don’t know. Anyone but Monica. She’s so Type A. I’m the opposite. 

What’s your go-to outfit to practice yoga in?

Depends on my mood. Sometimes all black, sometimes hot pink pants with a neon green tank. I do love Spiritual Gangster tops. They’re a little baggy, super soft and have cute messages… I’ve tried all different brands but lululemon makes the best pants. They last forever, they fit awesome, and best of all, they don’t give you baggy knees or a saggy bum (the worst!).

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.26.57 PM

Guilty pleasure?

Teen Mom. 

What’s on your DVR?

Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

Favorite food?

For “dessert” I always eat animal crackers or Justin’s peanut butter cups. 

Since I’m always moving, practicing, or teaching spin, I’m always hungry. I keep a bag of almonds in my car. I will eat ANYTHING that will fill up my stomach, but my husband is a great cook who cooks us dinner every night. I love to eat whatever deliciousness he has created! All of it is my favorite… from cauliflower and chopped salad to enchiladas and pizza. GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD.

Bucket list travel destination?

Anywhere with sunshine and people I love. 

Follow Meghan on MoveWith and make sure you don’t miss her rooftop yoga sessions starting June 1 in Boston.

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