Community Spotlight: Turnstyle

The classes offered at Turnstyle are described as “so much more than staring at the wall clock for 45 minutes waiting for class to end. They’re an experience that is fun, inviting, and unique: awesome instructors who are real people, in an atmosphere that was created with the casual, no-frills person in mind.”


Intriguing? You bet.

We sat down with Matt (co-owner) and Deepak (instructor extraordinaire) to get the scoop on what makes Turnstyle such a focal point of the Boston community.

Meet the Studio

Turnstyle is actually the brainchild of many different people from many different avenues. Long story short, it’s the end result of two independent studios coming together with the same purpose and objective: community oriented fitness with approachable, friendly instructors where anyone of any fitness level is more than welcome.

Currently Turnstyle has three locations: Kendall, Back Bay and South End (brand new). Each location has indoor cycling classes, and Kendall and South End offer bootcamp as well.

Meet the Team


Matt Juszczak (coowner) runs a tech startup in addition to Turnstyle, and he’s put equal love into both. As important as fitness is to his life, it’s not everything: “I fly airplanes as a hobby – I spend my days in the cloud, my nights on a bike, and my weekends in the air.”


Deepak Mishra (instructor) is known as Dr. D at the studio. Why? He’s just finished his doctorate at MIT, which he completed while teaching. After playing college soccer and suffering an ACL injury, he started riding at Turnstyle Kendall Square, before becoming an instructor and he’s now taught and he’s 200 classes in just one year (fun fact: the only place he goes by “doctor” is at the studio).

Other instructors? By day they’re criminal defense attorneys, dermatologists, higher education administrators, and beyond.

Of the entire staff of thirty, less than five are full-time fitness professionals, but every single instructor loves to teach. Having other responsibilities and roles allows each instructor to look forward to teaching every class on their schedule and put absolutely everything they have into every class, playlist and experience they give to the community.

What makes Turnstyle different?

Turnstyle has made its mark by being anything but a traditional fitness studio. It’s  inviting, it’s approachable, and Turnstyle members end up spending more quality time in the studio and with the team than just their 45- or 60-minute class.

There’s beer in the fridge at all times, and it’s not uncommon for everyone to grab a bite or a drink after class.

“It creates community. We’re where people come to workout, but also to hang out,” Deepak says.


That said, it’s not all about happy hour – the Turnstyle team can often be found at Boston health staple Cocobeet.

“Health-conscious or not, I’d go there daily because it tastes damn good and because of the people behind the company. It’s always about the people, about the community,” Matt says. “I’m also known to absolutely pummel the Whole Foods breakfast buffet – French toast, eggs, all of it.”

The team may be all about their smoothies and green juices, but you’ll never hear a single instructor mention food or calories.

“People work out because they want to work out. They come to class for different reasons: to lose weight, to party on a Friday night with lights and awesome music, to get their heart pumping and their health better. Some just come for the group aspect – the overall experience versus just the workout,” Deepak mentions.

Theme rides are the name of the game at Turnstyle – Kings of Hip Hop, Beyonce vs Becky with the Good Hair, Pitch Perfect 1 vs 2 – and they attract all kinds of clients.

“We’ve got young people, MIT professors, working professionals, college students – they all come because it’s fun…We want to learn and remember the names of every single person who comes into the studio. We know that feeling of belonging and we want everyone who walks in to feel that way about Turnstyle. We track shoe sizes (they’re complimentary with each cycling class!) and treat people like human beings…we want to make them feel good about themselves, their choices and their lives,” Matt says.

“If anyone feels they’re not welcome at Turnstyle, we’re doing something drastically wrong. We’re a friendly community and we’re trying very hard to make sure it starts from the inside out.”

That feeling of friendliness shows: instructors often ride in each other’s classes and are always cheering each other on.

“We like each other – a lot. We have fun, and we want to create an amazing community for Boston to come work out at and in. That’s it.”

TRX Room

Want to be in the know about all things Turnstyle (or just want in on Dr. D’s classes?) Follow along here.


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