From Teacher to Teacher

So this is exciting.

In the spirit of fostering the MoveWith teacher community (and throwin’ some learning and education at you while we’re at it), we’re creating a From Teacher to Teacher content series to live right here on Spark.

Teachers, we know you’re pros in what you do, and we know that you inspire each other on a daily basis, so we want you to have the opportunity to flex your creative muscles and contribute.

So what’s going down here?

Each week we’ll be collaborating with teachers to write posts on the areas they’re pros in (branding, community, pro tips, motivation, health, wellness, etc). There’s so much for all of us to learn from each other, and there’s nothing better than taking our strengths and sharing ’em out with everyone to inspire and educate.

So you’re interested, right?

Read: Keep an eye on this space (and follow us on social media) for our very first From Teacher to Teacher post.

Write: Want to share your expertise out with your fellow teachers? Awesome! Fill out this form and we’ll get right back to you.

Thanks for keeping us moving!

Team MoveWith
PS To get Teacher to Teacher posts delivered to your inbox, create a teacher profile at

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