Brand Partnerships: Better by Association

Cassie Brown is a teacher, fitness business owner, and fitness professional in Boston. Growing up a dancer, she fell in love with the human body and discovered her passion for the positive physical and emotional impact movement has on people.

While I’m an expert when it comes to fitness, I’m also incredibly passionate about nutrition, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. That’s why the Cassie B. Strong brand slogan is “B. Strong. B. Well. B. Bold.” To help share these values with my clients and followers, I love shedding light on the topics and products that I think they should know about.


I strive to empower people as much as possible, so I started posting about the businesses and products (mostly foods – my top priority aside from my work and my pup) I purchase the most.

I discovered that posting about the products I love often yielded two quick and meaningful results:

  1. It allowed me to be a more powerful influence on my audience by literally showing them what options are available for them locally in Boston.
  2. It grew my rapport with local brands and businesses I’m loyal to (often young entrepreneurs like myself), which led to more opportunity and cross-promotion in the Boston community.

For example, when I first offered my Body Fix workout and was feeling unsure that anyone would actually sign up (know the feeling?), I reached out to a local juice bar that I’d previously connected with on social media to find out if they were interesting in getting involved by offering smoothie samples after my class.

It was a win-win for two reasons:

  1. I love the business and promote it to my audience already, so allowing my movers to experience it firsthand both increased the brand awareness for the company and introduced first-timers to the product.
  2. Partnering up increased the value of my MoveWith Original class – attendees not only got a sweaty workout, but they were also able to socialize and refuel their bodies afterward.

Another brand I’ve partnered with is PUMA. I host in-store community classes and feature them on social media while they promote and support my brand. PUMA’s slogan is “Forever Faster” and they support those who always strive for improvement and approach their journey with an authentic swagger that inspires others.

PUMA is very much aligned with my “B. Strong. B. Well. B. Bold.” mission, making this a partnership that is incredibly authentic to my brand. I’ve essentially become a part of the brand’s family and it’s wonderful to gain that type of support. I’ve also discovered gear I can’t live without in the process (the Puma Pulse XT is all I teach in and I can’t recommend it enough!).


My relationship with PUMA is what inspires my current goal for my brand. I want to partner with the brands I feel best represent my values, and I want my partners to feel like their connection to both me and my brand is valuable and creates some serious positive vibes. The more connections I create, the more my recognizable my brand becomes.

What brands do you rely on to be and feel your best? Which specifically help you lead the life your personal brand stands for? Those are the brands you need to associate with, so make that connection! 

Want to connect with Cassie? Follow her on MoveWith here.

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