3 Ways to Ease into Fall

By Crystal Higgins

Getting back into the swing of things as summer transitions to fall can be exhausting. How do we gracefully enter the rush of the fall with more ease and balance?

Here are three ways you can take action so you feel more grounded and inspired in the cooler months ahead.

  1. Start a routine or ritual

There are things you can do every day no matter how busy you are that both add more meaning and help you feel more connected. This ritual practice can be really useful after coming home from a vacation or retreat, or even at the end of a weekend.

My Practice: I start every single day with a cup of hot tea, followed by a bit of yoga (the duration varies, but it is always there). I feel clearer, stronger and more creative afterwards, and on the few days I miss it, I notice.

  1. Use the tools you already have 

When you notice yourself getting overwhelmed or frazzled, remembering what you’ve learned about how to cope and incorporating it into daily life can be challenging. 

My Practice: I wear one piece of jewelry each day that reminds of me my strength and resiliency. When I feel myself losing my cool, getting stressed or in self-doubt, I touch these tokens to help me relax and find my feet again. This also helps me find my breath and exhale. You can also write mantras on sticky notes to remember.

  1. Relax and Have Fun!

Just because things have started to pick up again doesn’t mean the summer fun stops.  When fall begins, a lot of us experience a downturn in our moods as a result of the seeming loss of play and freedom. The challenge is to find the fun in all seasons rather than wait for a vacation or summer. Take up a sport or a new hobby or just do something for you.

My Practice:  I pause more to notice the beauty all around me. I look up from my phone and see the flowers or watch the leaves falling from a tree. I challenge myself to notice something new that I didn’t see before.

Maybe this play shows up in your yoga practice on the mat. I hope to see you there.


Ready to get grounded, refreshed and reset your system for the season?

Join Crystal for her upcoming workshop, Yoga for the Seasons (An Autumn Extended Restorative Yoga Class) with Live Guitar Music at Yoga Tree Stanyan on Sunday, September 25th from 1:30 – 3:30pm. Sign up here.

Crystal Marie Higgins is a San Francisco based yoga teacher. She gives students the space to go deeply inward on the mat while cultivating a stronger connection to the self, and our own unique power within the world. Her classes are restorative, nurturing and deeply grounding. Crystal’s goal as a teacher is to help her students bring balance, strength and ease back in their lives no matter what life experiences come their way. 

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