How to put your fears behind you with Burpees to Bubbly


We caught up with Monique Gagnon, the effervescent force behind Burpees to Bubbly to get the scoop on how she overcame her fears and hosted her first MoveWith Original,  Kickboxing Bootcamp w/Burpees to Bubbly (and immediately scheduled her next: Kickboxing Bootcamp) at the new hotspot Janji in Boston. An Original class is one that a teacher creates, hosts, and teaches on their own. It takes a leap of faith—one that Monique says is so rewarding that it landed her on cloud nine.

“I was on cloud nine. It was so fun. I love meeting new people! When you teach an Original, you are on.”

MoveWith: How is teaching an Original different from your regular studio classes?

Monique: You have to dig into the deepest parts of what you’ve learned through the years to engage people because you don’t know what their current fitness abilities are yet This means you have to be in full-on teacher mode.”

MoveWith: How do you want people to feel after your class?

Monique: I want them to feel empowered. Kick ass. That they worked super hard for 45 minutes, but they hopefully had fun and were smiling and laughing through class. I always have the class set intentions during warmups and towards the end of class I take a moment to have them check back in with their intentions in case they need that extra push to get to the end. And hopefully at the end of class everyone feels really good and proud of what they’ve accomplished —that’s my biggest goal.

“I want them to feel on top of the world.”

MoveWith: What do you want to say to the movers who came to your class?

Monique: I want to tell them that they were amazing .They brought so much fire to the class. So much energy. I want to thank them for it and hope they will come back again.

“Without them I can’t be me. We fight together really.”

MoveWith: What would you like to share with teachers who want to host an Original of their own?

Monique:  Just do it. Get comfortable being uncomfortable because that’s where the change happens. If you don’t try something you won’t know what it will be like. It might be uncomfortable, it might be scary, but it helps you grow and see what you are made of.

MoveWith: Anything you’d like to share with the MoveWith community at large?

Monique:The MoveWith community is such a great community. I didn’t know half the people who came but now I have new people in my following who will hopefully come to other original classes I schedule. I want to say:

“Thank you for being so passionate about fitness and doing this for yourself. You don’t have to pay to come to classes with instructors that you don’t know, but you do and that’s a huge thing. it says a lot about you that you want to be active and try new things. It’s awesome.”


MoveWith: Thank you Monique, you’re the reason why we built MoveWith. Let’s move!

Join Monique for her next Original: Kickboxing Bootcamp!



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