Get Soulful with Peter Walters

The biggest muscle you will grow in Peter Walters’s yoga classes is your heart. This dog-loving Bhakti Flow Yoga teacher knows how to take us to the deepest levels of ourselves. From cracking a joke just when you need it to directing a pose with kindness and precision, Peter will work you from the inside out.

We’re delighted to announce that you can join Peter for audio workouts through MoveWith Now. Try a class and let us know how it goes–you’re sure to emerge with an open heart and a wide grin.

We asked Peter five questions to help you get to know him better.

Favorite post-flow snack: sweetgreen salad and coffee

Early bird or night owl: Early bird.

Favorite song to flow to: Better Days by Grey Killer

Favorite brand of workout gear: lululemon!

Guilty pleasure: Other than sweets? Nothin’!

Ready to get moving with Peter? Find your flow in one of his Now audio classes.

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