MoveWith Method: Get Fresh

What’s fresher than fresh? This new batch of inspiring classes with teachers you love and teachers you’re sure to love. We’ve got all new audio workouts designed to balance body, mind, and soul. Follow this week’s challenging 7-day program to get a fresh start on your health and happiness.

Pro tip: Do every Workout of the Day on the home tab in our iOS app and you’ll conquer this week’s MoveWith Method no problem.


Upper Body Blitz
with Garrett Wood
This high-intensity strength-training class will build your strength and stamina to conquer the world.




B Strong: Core & Cardio

With Cassie Brown

Everything starts with your core. Get your High Intensity Interval Training on with sassy Cassie Brown, and get strong to the core.




Outdoor Run: Push Your Pace

With Alex Ho

Ready to get your heart pumping? Follow Alex’s motivating energy and next-level expertise for cardio that will open up your lungs and strengthen your heart.



amanda c2.jpgLOWER BODY · HIIT
Buns, Guns, & Glutes Tabata


With Amanda Chamberlin

Whip yourself into shape with Amanda. These quick four minute intervals will leave your abs, arms, glutes, and legs feeling tightened and toned.



Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 12.33.05 PM.png

Killer Row HIIT

With Duncan Kennedy

This is it. In just 13 minutes you’ll get a full body session that will pump you up, work you out, and get you to the next level.



Lucid Dream Meditation

With Jeremy Falk

Last but not least: our latest addition to MoveWith. Join beloved meditation teacher Jeremy Falk for Yoga Nidra—designed to get you into that oh-so-desirable hypnagogic state (a.k.a. lucid dreaming).

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