How to find your coach

A coach is a teacher who turns lessons into actions and actions into a lifestyle. With a great coach, you go from just learning to doing—and by doing you grow stronger and more capable than ever before.

But a bond with a coach is a deeply personal connection because your coach isn’t just one thing. Your coach can often act like a drill sergeant, support system, older sibling, best friend, spirit guide, and energy drink – all in one. Most importantly, though, a coach is someone you can rely on. Whether you’re trying to meditate more or build arm muscle, a coach is someone who is always there to keep you grounded and accountable to your health and wellbeing – body, mind and soul. That means it’s important to find the coaches who are the right fit for YOU and YOUR goals. The coaches that will get you out of bed on those days when you feel too tired or too busy.

We’re here to help! As you’re trying out classes, here are some tricks we use to find our favorite coaches:

Teaching Approach
Learn what motivates you. Ask yourself, “Do I want someone who pushes me hard and relentlessly? Or do I like someone who is comforting and relaxed? Do I need scientific and physiological explanations? Or do I prefer philosophy and dharma talk while I commit to movements? Do I like to understand the purpose and effect of my movements? Or do I prefer to tune out and sweat?” Think of how you like to learn and what your goals are for your workout.

What will keep you going for that extra mile or those last ten reps? What will encourage you to meditate or stretch even when you lack motivation? Some people like humor. Others respond well to compassion and words of encouragement. Maybe all you want is a straightforward approach. The best way to stick to your workout routine is to find coaches that you can’t wait to work out with, coaches that you would actually want to be around.

Music is so primal—chances are that if you love a coach’s playlist you’ll at least like the coach. Listen for classes with music that gets you going and immerses you in the workout.

Class Structure
Think of how you like to work out and what will keep you engaged and driven. Do you like to challenge your body with circuits of different exercises and poses? Or do you like to test your endurance by repeating the same movements until it burns? Do you like to flow and chant? Or do you like to focus on flexibility and strengthening techniques for your body? There’s nothing more frustrating than either feeling bored or pushed too hard in a workout. Make sure you find a coach that makes classes you’ll want to take over and over.

What it all comes down to is knowing yourself. The better you know what moves you, the easier it will be for you to find the coaches that will motivate you consistently. Conversely, finding someone you love and moving with them consistently will help you realize what makes you tick. Either way, just get moving and you’ll find your way!

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