MoveWith team favorites

They say that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s true for team MoveWith. Instead, we build what we love so that we get to workout every day of our lives, and now we’ve launched audio classes so that you can too.  Here are our team’s favorite classes—get your headphones out, your workout gear on, and join us on our mission to lead healthier, happier, more connected lives!


CEO + CoFounder
MoveWith Grit
Skiing, Yoga, Strength Training, Meditation, Hiking and River Rafting

Favorite Class: Bodyweight Killer
Why: It kicked my ass in the perfect amount of time (for my crazy life).



Tricia Choi
CDO + CoFounder
MoveWith Heart
Dance, Yoga, Running, Hiking, Martial Arts, Meditation

Teaches: Yoga, Dance

Favorite Class: All-Around Flow

Why: Steph’s sequencing is always spot on and her wisdom comes through every word she says. This is yoga for body, mind, and soul!



Jeremy Copling
Senior Engineer + Front End Hero
MoveWith Certainty
Pool, Ultimate Frisbee, Yoga, Ping Pong, Exploration

Favorite Class: Bodyweight Killer



Charlotte Winthrop
Product Growth
MoveWith Determination

Trail running, dog walking

Favorite Class: Stretch & Recover for Athletes





Christine Raschke
Head of Operations
MoveWith Happiness
Running, Yoga, HIIT, Dancing, Swimming, Hula Hooping
Favorite Class: Love Your Arms
Why: Charlie is super motivational. 20 minutes packed with a variety of exercises. Sweat guaranteed. And sore arms & shoulders for 2 days.




Tim Desir
iOS Engineer
MoveWith Emotion
Martial Arts, Meditation, Dancing

Favorite Class: Recharge Meditation
Why: It helps me calm my mind and focus when I really need it!





George C. Bagaoisan
Product Designer
MoveWith Inspiration
Basketball, Backpacking, and pushing pixels

Favorite Class: Conflict Release Meditation
Why: Why? Why not, it’s only 5 minutes.





Noam Argov
Content Producer
MoveWith Optimism
Climbing, mountaineering, running, handstand walking
Why: Super simple movements that left my abs in so much pain (in a good way)




Boston General Manager
MoveWith Vigor

Running, HIIT, CrossFit, Strength Training, Yoga

Favorite Class: Metabolic Meltdown

Why: Because it’s a full body workout that leaves me sweaty and smiling




Head of Web
MoveWith Curiosity
Strength, HIIT, and Bootcamp
Favorite Class: Upper Body Blitz





Matt Brand
MoveWith Empathy
Legos, Baseball, Being a Dad, and annoying coworkers.

Favorite Class: Stress Relief Meditation
Why: We all have so much going on in life and David’s class is a great way to take a break, relax, and recenter.

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