Announcing Audio Workouts with the Best Instructors.

We are are thrilled to officially bring audio workouts for body, mind and soul to you whenever you want, wherever you are—on the road, in your living room, or at the gym. With instant access to workouts from the best instructors on the planet, you can always have the motivation you need to get a great workout. MoveWith is fitness on your terms.


audio-classes.pngWorkouts for all levels
Unlimited access to a wide variety of classes that will get you sweaty, strong and centered

Audio guidance from the best instructors
It’s like having the motivation of a personal coach standing right beside you

Fresh, new workouts
Keep your routine fresh with classes added from your favorite instructors every week

Personalized recommendations
View daily workouts chosen specifically for you

Work out to great music
Instructor curated playlists that make every class more fun and motivating

Ready to stream an instructor to your ear?  Enjoy ongoing unlimited access for as low as $6.99/month.

Download the app to get the most out of your workouts


Meet our Fabulous Instructors


Stephanie Snyder
You Be You. That’s Steph’s philosophy. Expect grit, soul and sweat, and a beautiful, calming voice. You’ll be part of something special.
Move with Steph:
Conflict Release Meditation



David Magone
David aims to make every class a true mind/body experience, whether you’re flowing through challenging Vinyasa sequences or guided meditations.
Move with David:
Stress Relief Meditation




Danni Pomplun
Each class with Danni has a beat, a vibration, and a pulse. He infuses every flow with great cadence and tone, and you’ll love his soothing voice.
Move with Danni:
Full Body Flow


JulieAielloJulie Aiello
Julie inspires appreciation for our beings and the beauty that exists in who we are. She’ll help you create a space where you can tap into a deep calm.
Move with Julie:
Meditation for Happy Sleep




Peter Walters
From cracking a joke just when you need it to directing a pose with kindness and precision, Peter will take you to the deepest levels of yourself.
Move with Peter:
Love is All Flow



Jane Austin
Jane connects deeply with the transformational power of motherhood. Down-to-earth and hilarious, she also has some great mom tricks up her sleeve.
Move with Jane:
Prenatal Yoga Greatest Hits



Eliza Shirazi
Eliza is all about personality, and her upbeat workouts will leave you both sweaty and smiling. You can’t help but have fun when you move with her.
Move with Eliza:
Kick It Core Challenger



Holy triceps! Charlie will push you through tough burns. Get ready for highly motivational action-packed workouts.
Move with Charlie:
Love Your Arms



Cassie Brown
Wake up those muscles! Cassie’s known for her challenging and creative exercises. Immediate results (and sweat) guaranteed.
Move with Cassie:
15 min Core and Arms



Garrett Wood
Garrett will keep you motivated and push you to work hard in each class one “woot woot” at a time.
Move with Garrett:
Bodyweight Killer




Alex Ho
As a professional ultrarunner, Alex knows how to challenge you while making workouts fun. He’s fun-loving and kind, but he won’t let you slack off.
Move with Alex:
Adore Your Abs and Ass




Stephanie Main (Ring)
Nothing beats the feeling of having conquered one of Steph’s intense workouts; she’s notorious for packing a lot of sweat into a short period of time.
Move with Stephanie:
Stretch & Recover for Athletes


Pete Guinosso
Meet Pete in person—he’d probably give you a hug. Even in the absence of that you’ll feel his warm energy through his grounding sequences.
Move with Pete:
Low Back Love


Jeremy Falk
Powerful, playful, peaceful. That’s Jeremy. He knows how to relate to you, ground you, and guide you, even when he can’t see you.
Move with Jeremy:
Lucid Dream Meditation


Ali Cook
Need a mid-day reset? Ali’s calming nature will help you focus and recharge to take on any challenge headed your way.
Move with Ali:
Workplace Express Stretch


Melissa Mae
Light-hearted Melissa sprinkles in just the right dose of wisdom and inspiration to her CorePower-influenced flows.
Move with Melissa:
Core Strength Power Vinyasa


Jessi Albin
Ready to sculpt your body? Turn it on with Brooklyn-born Pilates goddess Jessi. Here classes are athletic, precise and fun.
Move with Jessi:
Pilates Mat Classic Flow


Amy Leydon
Relaxation is the end goal and Amy will get you there through mindful sequences with room for self expression.
Move with Amy:
After Work Wind Down


Laura Mucci
Laura’s positive energy will inspire you to push past your comfort zone and crush your goals
Move with Laura:
Body Burn: Core and Legs


Leigh Ferrara
Leigh is a master of deep relaxation techniques. Take her therapeutic classes to unwind for the night or move gently into the day.
Move with Leigh:
Therapeutic Yoga: Decompression Through Compression


Maggie Shih
Maggie is your best friend and badass coach all rolled into one. She’ll help you feel present and supported so you can push harder than ever before.
Move with Maggie:
Tread: Endurance Run


Naomi Rotstein
Pressing play on Naomi’s class means you’re ready for a challenge. She’ll push you to your limit, but she knows you can handle it.
Move with Naomi:
Booty Love & Gut Blastoff


Rich Downing
Ready for an immersive experience? Rich will push you to a higher level of intensity than you thought you could reach.
Move with Rich:
Too Good Cycle 20


Enrique Julia
A professional actor in a previous life, Enrique brings incredible enthusiasm and energy to all of his classes. He knows exactly how to motivate through the toughest pushes and makes you feel like he’s sweating right beside you.
Move with Enrique:
Outdoor Tempo Run


Deb Burkman
Deb balances depth, intensity and precision with humor and humility. Get ready to be exposed to something profound from within.
Move with Deb:
Back Strengthening Yoga


Duncan Kennedy
Duncan does not mess around. As a former elite rower, he will show you how to find your rhythm, power, and intensity.
Move with Duncan:
Killer Row HIIT

AmandaChamberlinAmanda Chamberlin
The moves might look easy, but you will definitely feel the burn! Tune in to Amanda’s upbeat and energetic classes to get stronger, fitter, and happier.
Move with Amanda:
Buns, Guns, & Glutes Tabata




Jennifer Menzer
With a wealth of knowledge and a killer sense of humor, Jenn designs challenging but fun workouts to help you reach every goal.
Move with Jenn:
Deep Stretch for Athletes


Elyssa Schneider
When life is hectic, Elyssa will remind you to take a moment, take a breath and listen to your body.
Move with Elyssa:
Postnatal: Flow and Restore


Cara Scinto
Cara is all about balance–get your dose of high intensity cardio, strength training, stretching and decompression all in a single class.
Move with Cara:
Balanced Bod: Core N’ More


Deepak Mishra
Take a break with Deepak to focus on body, beat, breath, and being. Every workout captivates.
Move with Deepak:
Indoor Cycle: Rap Kings

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