Sweat to Give—A Month of Giving

Join us for a month of giving—we’ll give $1 each time you show up and sweat in the month of December. In the spirit of the holidays, we caught up with our mission-minded Spark 2016 teachers and found out which charities are nearest and dearest to their hearts. These SF and Boston Spark honorees—the ones you nominated—give us so much. Join us in helping them give back. … Continue reading Sweat to Give—A Month of Giving

Building Your Fitness Brand in a New City

Amanda has over a decade of experience teaching fitness and spin classes in New York City. She recently re-located to San Francisco and is faced with a common challenge of building her personal brand in a new market.  Earlier this summer I made the cross-country move from New York City to San Francisco. After nine years in a very familiar city, I was entering into a … Continue reading Building Your Fitness Brand in a New City

#socialsweat at SeaWheeze

Yoga. Run. Party. That’s how Lululemon describes and markets their annual SeaWheeze Half Marathon (and brand love-fest) in Vancouver, British Columbia. Naturally, I wanted in. In the spirit of full transparency I’ve run a lot of half-marathons. A couple of marathons. Lots of 10ks. I’ve loved running, I’ve hated running, I’ve complained about running, I’ve raved about running. But SeaWheeze was literally unlike anything I’ve … Continue reading #socialsweat at SeaWheeze

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss BOOTYcamp

Strengthening your glutes does so much more than help you look good in your jeans. It can actually reduce fatigue and back pain, protect the knee joints, and create overall strength in the rest of your body. The glutes are our largest muscle group, and virtually every movement carried out by the lower body requires their activation. Butt-lifting booty expert Caroline Jordan recently launched a … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss BOOTYcamp

Six Weeks of Social Sweat at Janji

14 teachers. 22 classes. 300 sweat hours. When Janji offered us the opportunity to bring fitness classes to their spring pop-up shop, we knew it would be a match made in heaven. Not only were we happy to partner up with a mission-driven brand that helps provide clean water in countries around the world, but we also jumped at the chance to bring more opportunities … Continue reading Six Weeks of Social Sweat at Janji

Why I Move: Mackenzie Cane

Mackenzie Cane is a runner, a triathlete, and a Bay Area native who is constantly on the move. One of her favorite ways to move is with Liz Gill at Train for the Trails each Wednesday at 7am at Baker Beach. Tell us about yourself. I work in the environmental space (for the Sierra Club) and I’m personally and professionally very invested in the environment. I like to be outside … Continue reading Why I Move: Mackenzie Cane