How to set up your home fitness studio

Ready for fitness to happen on your terms?  It turns out you can get sweaty, strong, and centered all from the comfort of your home with just a small amount of space and a minimal amount of equipment and gear. We asked our favorite coaches for their recommendations on creating the perfect home fitness studio so you get the most out of your audio workouts. … Continue reading How to set up your home fitness studio

MoveWith team favorites

They say that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s true for team MoveWith. Instead, we build what we love so that we get to workout every day of our lives, and now we’ve launched audio classes so that you can too.  Here are our team’s favorite classes—get your headphones out, your workout gear on, and join us on our … Continue reading MoveWith team favorites

MoveWith Method: Get Fresh

What’s fresher than fresh? This new batch of inspiring classes with teachers you love and teachers you’re sure to love. We’ve got all new audio workouts designed to balance body, mind, and soul. Follow this week’s challenging 7-day program to get a fresh start on your health and happiness. Pro tip: Do every Workout of the Day on the home tab in our iOS app and you’ll conquer this week’s MoveWith Method no problem. … Continue reading MoveWith Method: Get Fresh

Complete the MoveWith Method this week and get your swag on

Balanced bodies need balanced minds and souls. Every week we’ll curate seven audio workouts so you can mix and match your way to your strongest self. This week, if you complete all seven workouts by the end of 2/12, we’ll send you a MoveWith shirt. Just let us know you’ve completed the workouts by posting and tagging us on social. Let’s make moves together! Upper … Continue reading Complete the MoveWith Method this week and get your swag on

Get Soulful with Peter Walters

The biggest muscle you will grow in Peter Walters’s yoga classes is your heart. This dog-loving Bhakti Flow Yoga teacher knows how to take us to the deepest levels of ourselves. From cracking a joke just when you need it to directing a pose with kindness and precision, Peter will work you from the inside out. We’re delighted to announce that you can join Peter for audio workouts … Continue reading Get Soulful with Peter Walters